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IP-AP007 - GSM alarm with volume 1 sensor 1 Muck (panic button) and 2 remote

IP-AP007 - GSM alarm with volume 1 sensor 1 Muck (panic button) and 2 remote

Price: 114.00 EUR


• Alarm system with GSM module
• Supports: 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM bands
• Ability to store up to 5 numbers
• Voice monitoring the area around the alarm (you can listen to what is happening in the room)
• Ability to set alarm remote
• Ability to control the alarm via SMS or call
• The alarm has three wired inputs that can monitor open circuit and short circuit
• 16 zones - Ability to add additional wireless sensors to 16 - Muck, PIR detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, panic buttons, etc.
• Inputs for additional wired sensors
• Operating temperature -20 ° C - +85 ° C
• Ability to set password
• Range of sensors up to 100m
• Ability to work Mukai and panic button
• Power supply of remote controls: 12V battery
• Power volumetric sensors: 9V battery - not included in the kit
• Power supply of the plant: 220V
• Ability to work in the plant and with 6 AA batteries 1.5V (or 8 pieces AAA batteries 1.5V) - not included in the kit
• The plant has a built-in microphone, built-in siren, built-in speaker

The kit includes:
- Plant with a slot for SIM card
- Power adapter for the plant: 12V/1A
- 2 remotes (power 12V battery)
- Antenna
- 1 wireless magnetic contact for door or window (possibility to work as a panic button)
- 1 [URL]|безжичен surround motion sensor [/ URL] (110 ° viewing angle). You can add [URL]|допълнителни volume sensors [/ URL] for alarm

• Last Updated: 31.05.2018 12:12

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